• When the company started from a small town factory launched by a few people. It is now an indispensable existence in the world.
    -In the beginning, it was a lively gathering of young people who didn't know either right or left.

  • One day, the members collided with one another in their ideals and dreams. Everyone agreed "To change the world with Made in Japan."
    The breakthrough that started there.
    Busyness has increased. The first thing we did toward organizing was to "create human resources who can scale up the business in three months even if the president is absent".

  • We have the human resource development system and method called "HR Multi-formation" for global companies, which has raised annual sales from 400 billion to 1.4 trillion, conducting R&D on human resources with scientific approach.

  • From Japan to the world. We do R&D on human resources to achieve next level.
    Japan BIP & Consulting Services Ltd.

Our Mission, Vision and Value

Our company was founded to promote the “In-house Instructor System Implementation Consulting.

“Under the instructor system, to converting thoughts of company leader into DNA, and implement to all employees and change them from “just-an-employee” to “excellent resource” with full of enthusiasm.

To transform the experiences, feelings and mind of each employee to “value” and “trust” which can change a company to continues more than 100 years.

In addition, we aim to contribute to as many companies as possible by guiding your company to become an example of the industry, building an autonomous organization and maximizing the breakthrough in performance.

Japan BIP & Consulting Services Ltd. Founder Nicholas Arita



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Japan BIP & Consulting Services Ltd.

5F UCF Ginza Wall Buld.
6-13-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan